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This is a calculator I created to help other people pay back their school loans (or any loans, really). In July 2017, I decided to wrest control back over my life, and by April 2018 I had paid back the remaining $16,000 of my school loans. More importantly, I saved 8 years of my life from wage-slavery to the federal government.

Life has many circumstances that might keep us down, but what is important is to try and make the most of what it throws at us. I turned the ignominy of living at my parent's house into an opportunity: my parents charged me cheap rent, and I used that savings to pay down my loans. I was working a near-minimum-wage job, but I also had several side-hustles that supplemented what I could pay. From late September to early January, the only days I took off were Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was all worth it.

Not everybody will have the same circumstances, so it is important to make every cent count. Using the knowledge of Mathematics I got at college, I derived the most efficient way of paying down loans. Most people will have heard of the Snowball Method, which is "pay the highest principal loan with the highest interest rate, and when it is done use your monthly payment previously for that loan against the next highest, until you have payed back all loans." This is an easy-to-remember method, but it is not the most efficient.

If you're mathematically minded, check out "How it Works" to see my derivation. Also, the source code for the calculator is all on the calculator page itself (typing Ctrl+U works in most browsers).

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